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June 20, 2003 Holo News from the Spice Mine! We're Back!
      The Spice Mine is open! Well with permission from our RSA and due to the Small City Clause, I'm pleased to announce that the Spice Miners are back in action. Though our area is small we must all look at our chapter as something special. The Smaller Chapters have always had a special charm to them. So I am opening back up the Spice Mine with the hopes of us growing again in the future. Right now I have posted a meeting date for July 10th at Andy's in Morehead City to discuss a possible Bookclub and IQM 2 Plans. So if you want, come and have some Andy's with us and have fun just discussing Star Wars and stuff. I have extended the information to Jacksonville's Chapter as well.

September 17th, 2002, Holo News from the Spice Mine
      Website Updates: The Bios Page has been added recently. Go and check out the bios of the current members. If you want to submit one just use one of ours as an example and e-mail it to the City Rep or post it on the Messageboard. Also, We NEED meeting # 8 ideas. Again please post them on our board

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